Illinois Has Two Separate School Bus Accidents


Posted on 6th April 2013 by gjohnson in Uncategorized


There were two separate school bus crashes in Illinois, with one of them resulting in a fatality.

In Wadsworth in northern Illinois, one person was killed and several dozen children were sent to hospitals Friday following a crash involving a school bus and two other vehicles, according to The Boston Globe.

There were 35 people on the bus during the morning crash, where it is suspected that the bus driver ran a red light. The school bus hit a Jeep Wrangler, and then struck a Jeep Cherokee, and then turned over on its side, according to The Globe.

The hood of the Wrangler was flattened over the vehicle’s front seats. Authorities said there was a male fatality at the scene, but declined to make any additional comments.

One of the elementary school children who was a passenger on the bus suffered a skull fracture, The Globe reported. Others had broken bones.

In all, 24 children were taken to local hospitals and 13 were released by the middle of the day, according to The Globe.

In the other accident, a Chicago Fire Department ambulance out on a call collided with a school bus in the Hanson Park neighborhood, according to the Chicago Tribune. Two paramedics were injured.,0,3368956.story

The accident took place at the intersection of Grand and Central avenues as the ambulance responded to a call. The only person on the bus was the driver, who was uninjured.

The paramedics from the ambulance were sent to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Resurrection Hospital, andhad non-life threatening injuries, the Tribune reported.