Bus Driver Faces Charges In Death Of Infant


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A bus driver, who allegedly was on a cellphone before a crash that killed an 8-month-old girl in West New York, N.J., was slated to be arraigned on death by auto charges Thursday, according to the The Star-Ledger of Newark.


Stories don’t much worse than this. On Tuesday afternoon Idowu Daramola, 48, was driving a bus on Kennedy Boulevard East. He dropped off some passengers, but then a witness said that the bus suddenly went out of control. The Ledger reported.

The bus, owned by Sphinx Transportation, hopped a curb and hit a lamppost, which then fell and crushed the infant, Angela Paredes, in her carriage. The bus then went on the strike a tree, another lamppost and a parked vehicle.

That created a domino effect, with three other parked cars then colliding. Four people from those cars were treated at local hospitals for minor injuries.

The infant was bleeding from her head, had no pulse and had stopped breathing, according to The Ledger, when West New York Police Officer Michael Stetson desperately gave her CPR. But Angela died on her way to a local hospital.

The baby’s mother, Maylin Hogo of North Bergen, was also taken to Jersey City Medical Center.

The horrible death prompted  U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, to call upon federal transportation authorities to investigate Sphinx Transportation and find out whether its drivers are being properly trained to safely transport passengers commuting to New York City through New Jersey communities.

“As a father, I can’t help but feel the tragedy of Angela Paredes’ death very personally – and my deepest sympathies and prayers are with her family, who can only be heartbroken at this painful time,” Menendez said in a statement.

“While the driver is facing criminal charges, I have my own questions about the company that employed him,” the senator said. “My staff has been in touch with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to make sure they are assisting the state and local investigations.”

“We have been assured that FMCSA will be making a visit to the company soon and review all of their operations including their procedures to screen and train drivers,” Menendez said. “The people who walk along Boulevard East, and all people in New Jersey, deserve answers, and I am confident that local, state, and federal authorities working together will find those answers and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.”

Texting Driver Crashes Into Bus In Los Angeles


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People are just not getting the message about texting and driving.

On Friday morning a motorist was texting in downtown Los Angeles when he ran a red light, hitting a Metro bus, according to the Los Angeles Times. The bus then went over a curb, struck a tree and knocked down a light post.


At least eight people were injured in the accident, which took place at 5 a.m., the Times reported.

The bus was traveling north on Broadway when the texting driver, moving east on 2nd Street, went through the light.