California Tour Bus Crash Injures 10


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A tour bus en route from Los Angeles to an Indian casino crashed Sunday night, injuring 10 people, according to the Associated Press.

The accident, which is under investigation, took place in Temecula, Calif., about 25 miles from the bus’s destination, Casino Pauma in north San Diego County.

There were 18 people on the bus when it swerved off a road at close to 11 p.m. Sunday, AP reported. Nine passengers and the driver, 50, were taken to the hospital, with the worst injury being a cut on the head. Hopefully, doctors will check to be sure this victim hasn’t sustained a concussion.

The bus driver told authorities that his brakes failed when he was coming into a curve, resulting in him hitting a guard rail and going into the trees and stones, according to AP.

There was another recent accident involving a tour bus traveling to an Indian casino in Southern California.

A bus on its way to the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino overturned on Aug. 23, injuring more than 50 people.


Church Bus Crash In Lake Arrowhead Kills Driver, Seriously Injures 10 Others


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Here’s more proof that buses should have seatbelts.

A bus taking teenagers home from a weekend religious retreat in California collided head-on with an SUV on a twisting mountain road, tumbling down an embankment in an accident that killed one man and left nearly a dozen others injured, according to The Los Angeles Times.,0,6752356.story

The horrific accident Monday took place near Lake Arrowhead on California 189. The bus, owned by a Korean church in Pasadena, was making a hairpin turn on that two-lane highway when it struck an oncoming SUV.  The bus hit a utility pole, according to The Times, and fell an estimated 25 feet onto a group of trees. The bus came to a stop right before a stream.

There were 22 passengers, most teenagers but also adult chaperones, on the bus. It did not have seatbelts. The driver of the bus, Won Sae Chae, 61, of Los Angeles was killed, pronounced dead at the scene. He was driving the bus for the Light of Love Mission Church.   

The Times reported that the San Bernadino County coroner had issued a statement saying that Chae, a tour bus driver who voluntered for his church on weekends, had lost control of the bus as he drove around a curve, going into the oncoming lane and hitting the SUV.

Rescuers had to cut out and remove bus seats in order to get to some passengers, according to The Times.

Some of the survivors had to be hospitalized, with several air-lifted by helicopter. Ten of them were in critical condition. 

Driver Fatigue May Have Led To Fatal Bus Accident, Report Says


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Driver fatigue may have led to a fatal tour bus crash in central California that killed five people last year.

On Monday the California Highway Patrol released its report on the April 28, 2009, accident in Soledad, Calif.

The bus, which was driving French tourists, struck a guardrail and overturned some 100 miles south of San Francisco.

In the report authorities said that more than a dozen passengers saw bus driver John Agnew falling asleep and missing exits on the trip.

Before the accident Agnew made an unsafe turn, and the report blamed his actions on fatigue. Agnew and four passengers died in the crash.