Arizona Tour Bus Flips Over In Flash Flood


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A tour bus on its way to Las Vegas from the Grand Canyon turned over during a flash flood in northern Arizona, according to KNXV-TV. None of the 33 people on the bus were hurt.

The accident took place Sunday north of Kingman, Ariz. That region of Arizona had endured two days of heavy rain, and the bus driver drove into a flooded wash, where the vehicle flipped on its side.

The accident is under investigation by the Mohave County Sheriff’s Department to decide whether to make the driver of the C.H. Destination bus pay for EMTs who responded to the scene. Under state law, a driver who goes into a flooded area can be required to reimburse counties or towns that sent rescue crews to save him or her, KNXV-TV reported.

That law has been dubbed the “Stupid Motorist Law,” according to the TV station.

In Arizona, residents are often angered by the foolishness of motorists who ignore posted signs that warn about roads flooding in heavy rains. In the desert, a quick downpour can cause flash flooding in “washes” that are normally bone dry.

According to KNXV-TV, the bus company said that its driver wasn’t away of the flooding danger.

Yosemite Tour Bus Crashes, 16 Injured


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A tour bus on its way from Yosemite National Park in California crashed on a winding mountain road Saturday night, injuring 16 people, according to the Associated Press.

The bus, which was going an an unsafe speed, went off Highway 41 not far from the south entrance to the park when the driver lost control of the vehicle, AP reported.

The accident is under investigation by the California Highway Patrol. The bus stopped when it hit a tree, and a number of passengers were thrown to the driver’s side. If the tree hadn’t stopped the bus, it would have fallen into a ravine, according to AP.

The passengers on the bus were described as in good part being elderly and Chinese from the San Francisco Bay area.

The bus driver was identified by authorities as Changefeng Liu, 49, of Fremont, Calif. He was not injured.

The tour bus was operated by Seven Happiness Tour &  Charter of Burlingame, Calif., which arranges tours for the Chinese-American community.

Feds Shut Down Second Discount Bus Line


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Continuing their crackdown, federal officials have shut down a second discount Chinatown bus company for alleged safety violations. And U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) didn’t mince any words about it.

In a press release Friday, DOT said it had ordered Ming An Inc. of New York City closed down because it was “an imminent hazard to public safety.”

A week before, in a similar move, DOT closed another low-cost interstate bus carrier, Boston-based Fung Wah Bus Transportation.

In terms of Ming An, in a statement U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said, “We are committed to removing unsafe bus and truck companies from our highways and roads. We will not let up and we will not slow down. Companies that ignore our safety regulations will not be tolerated.”

DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) investigated Ming An’s operations and vehicles and “concluded that the carrier operated in blatant disregard for federal safety regulations,” the DOT press release said.

“Investigators found that Ming An failed to conduct pre-employment drug and alcohol testing and allowed unqualified drivers to operate its vehicles in an unsafe manner with its drivers receiving numerous citations for speeding in excess of 15 miles per hour over posted speed limits,” the release said.

And that’s not all.

FMCSA also said that Ming An didn’t require it drivers to maintain log books or conduct vehicle safety inspections, as required by federal regulations. Investigators also found that the company lacked a systematic vehicle inspection, repair and maintenance program.

As well, inspections of Ming An’s buses and vans found that many had been modified with after-market seats in violation of federal safety requirements.

The FMCSA order shutting Ming An also said that the violations and conditions of operations substantially increase the likelihood of serious injury or death to Ming An’s drivers, passengers and the motoring public.

“This is a company that operates unsafely,” FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro said in a statement. “It frequently uses part-time, unqualified drivers, and often ignores basic safety maintenance and operating standards.”

A copy of the imminent hazard out-of-service order can be viewed at


Bus Driver Gets 6 Years In Prison For Crash That Killed 4


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A tour bus driver was sentenced to six years in prison last week for involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of four passengers in an accident on Interstate 95 in Virginia, according to the Associated Press.

In Bowling Green, Va., Kin Yiu Cheung received the jail term for his November conviction stemming from the May 31, 2011, crash. Cheung was driving a low-fare Sky Express bus from Greensboro, N.C., to New York when it went off the road, struck an embankment and turned over not far from Richmond, AP reported.

It appeared that Cheung was tired and fell asleep while driving, according to testimony at the trial. Surviving passengers said that they feared for their lives because Cheung was veering from side to side and changing speed suddenly shortly before the accident, according to AP.

Cheung was drinking coffee and energy drinks, but still nodded off, leading to crash.

Tour Bus Operator Shut Down After Fatal Oregon Accident


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Authorities in the United States and Canada have barred a tour bus company from operating following an accident on an icy road in Oregon that left nine people dead and almost 40 others hurt, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Officials are blaming the Dec. 30 crash, where a bus went through a guardrail and fell down an embankment, on driver fatigue, a factor that’s been cited in several bus crashes in the past year, The Journal reported.

Last week both the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation issued orders that effectively shut down Mi Joo Tour and Travel of Canada. According to The Journal, American officials charged that Mi Joo posed a safety hazard because it allowed its drivers to work more than the 70-hours-a-week maximum set by federal law.

When the Mi Joo bus crashed on Interstate 84 in Pendleton, Ore., its driver had been driving for 92 hours that week, U.S. officials claimed.

A lawyer for Mi Joo told The Journal that black ice was the blame for the multi-fatality accident in Oregon.


Oregon Tour Bus Crash Kills 9, Injures More Than 20


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Nine people were killed and more than 20 injured Sunday morning when a tour bus crashed through a guardrail on a highway in Pendleton, Ore., falling down an embankment, according to the Associated Press.

The bus, with about 40 passengers, was on an icy and snow-covered Interstate 84 at 10:30 a.m. when the accident happened. The driver lost control, and the bus fell several hundred feet down a steep hill.

That stretch of the highway, called Deadman’s Pass, is known for being treacherous, with what the state Transportation Department called “the most changeable” and “severe weather conditions in the Northwest,” according to AP.

Rescuers had to use rope to get down to the accident victims.

The bus is owned by Mi Joo Tour & Travel of Vancouver, and state police said it was traveling from Las Vegas back to Vancouver, AP reported.



N.Y. Bergdorf Goodman Worker Killed By Bus


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An employee of tony Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan was struck and killed by a Metropolitan Transit Authority bus after leaving work Wednesday night, according to the New York Post.

Aileen Martinez, 33, of the Bronx had agreed to close up the Tom Ford makeup counter for a co-worker, and left the upscale store about 8 p.m. She was walking across Seventh Avenue at West 59th Street in pouring rain when she was hit by a Staten Island Express bus, the Post reported.

The bus driver, who didn’t have any passengers, had made a left onto Seventh Avenue when he struck Martinez, according to the Post. He stayed at the scene of the accident and wasn’t charged with anything relating to the accident.

The MTA was probing whether Martinez was jaywalking when she was hit and whether the bad weather contributed to the fatal accident, the Post reported.


Miami Airport Bus Crash Kills 2 Passengers, Critically Injures 3


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Two elderly passengers were killed Saturday, and three others critically hurt, when their bus hit a concrete overpass at Miami International Airport, according to the Associated Press.

The accident happened when the driver of the bus, which was transporting 32 members of a church group, got lost at the airport, AP reported. The bus struck the 8-foot-6-inch entrance to the arrival area, instead of going to the departure area, where clearance was higher, AP said.

One passenger died at the scene and another died at a local hospital. Three people had serious injuries and were hospitalized.

The group on the bus were Jehovah’s Witnesses from Sweetwater who were traveling to a convention in West Palm Beach, according to AP. The bus was owned by Miami Bus Service Corp.

There are several warning signs at the airport telling drivers in big vehicles not to go beneath the low concrete overpass, AP reported. One says “High Vehicle STOP Turn Left.” The second one says vehicles higher than 8-foot-6 have to turn left.

AP said that the bus driver was being interviewed by authorities, and it wasn’t known if charges would be filed against him.

Toue Bus Driver Says He Doesn’t Remember Accident


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A tour bus driver who was ejected from his vehicle in a crash Wednesday in New Rochelle, N.Y., has told police he can’t remember what happened, according to The Journal News. He sustained a head injury when he was thrown through the bus’s front window.

In a horrific crash on Interstate 95, 48-year-old bus driver Wei Chen of Brooklyn was found 150 yards from the spot where his bus stopped, the local paper reported. He was on the pavement, and was conscious.

The 23 passengers on the bus were also taken to the hospital for treatment, but didn’t suffer any major injuries, The Journal News reported.

Police allege that Chen was speeding on wet highway when he lost control of the bus going around a curve according to The Journal News. Chen doesn’t speak English, but through an employee at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx he said he couldn’t remember what had happened, The Journal News reported.

The tour bus was on its way from Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut to Queens shortly after 6 a.m. when the accident took place. Police suspect that Chen fell asleep at the wheel and then the bus struck a median, traveling several hundred feet along a guardrail, The Journal News reported.

The bus is owned by Star Tag of Brooklyn, which has received four citations in the past for driver fatigue, according to the local paper.


Denver Man Slips, Gets Run Over And Dies Getting Off Bus


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A Denver man was killed last week when he got off a bus, slipped on the snow and was run over by the vehicle, according to the local CBS TV station.

On Tuesday Mario Castro, 60, got off a Regional Transportation District bus at snowy West Colfax Avenue and Mariposa Street, according to the TV station’s online report. 

Police were investigating the accident, but apparently Castro held onto the side of the bus so he wouldn’t fall, but he slipped anyway and fell underneath it. The bus’s rear wheels rolled over him, killing him.

Denver got several feet of snow last week, and officials and residents have not been able to keep up and shovel out the city’s estimated 10,000 bus stops, the TV station reported. 

Many RTD passengers complained that they were having difficulting disembarking from buses, because of slippery, snow-covered bus stops.