N.J. School Bus Crash Hospitalizes Students, Driver


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New Jersey is overrun by deer, and the lovely creatures can pose dangers.

On Monday seven students and a bus driver were hospitalized following a crash at 3 p.m. in rural Hamilton, N.J., involving a deer, according to The Times of Trenton.


A school bus carrying 14 students from St. Gregory the Great Academy went into a ditch when the driver swerved to avoid hitting a deer, the newspaper reported.

The driver and seven students, from the 4th grade to the 8th grade, were taken to Robert Wood University Hospital Hamilton. Monday night, they were in good condition at the hospital, according to The Times.

The children had school on President’s Day, a holiday, to make up for days they were out because of superstorm Sandy last fall, the newspaper reported.


N.J. Bus Driver Indicted For Vehicular Homicide


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Last week a NJ Transit bus driver was indicted on a charge of vehicular homicide after striking and killing a man in a crosswalk in Passaic, N.J., according to The Record.


Catherine Collier, a 65-year-old Passaic bus driver, allegedly ran a red light last September, hitting Joseph Currier, 49, of Passaic, The Record reported. According to a passenger, Collier had sped up as the traffic light turned from yellow to red.

Currier’s face hit the bus’s windshield, The Record said, and Collier drove for about 50 yards after hitting him. Passengers and a man outside the bus called out for her to stop.

Collier is free on $50,000 bail, ever since she was arrested in October. She faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted, according to The Record.


Students Injured When Bus Get Stuck Under Boston Overpass


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A charter bus with Pennsylvania high school students got stuck under a bridge in Boston Saturday night, injuring and trapping some of its passengers, according to the Associated Press.


The Pennsylvania bus had 42 students and chaperones on board when it hit an overpass on Soldiers Field Road on its way back to Philadelphia after visiting Harvard.

Massachusetts State Police said they were investigating the accident, and that there was a sign on the road saying that buses were prohibited from traveling on it, AP reported. Charges could be brought against the bus driver.

The police reported that more than 30 passengers were hurt, with three in serious condition, AP said.

Soldiers Field Road goes along the Charles River and goes by Harvard.