Tour Bus Operator Shut Down After Fatal Oregon Accident


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Authorities in the United States and Canada have barred a tour bus company from operating following an accident on an icy road in Oregon that left nine people dead and almost 40 others hurt, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Officials are blaming the Dec. 30 crash, where a bus went through a guardrail and fell down an embankment, on driver fatigue, a factor that’s been cited in several bus crashes in the past year, The Journal reported.

Last week both the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation issued orders that effectively shut down Mi Joo Tour and Travel of Canada. According to The Journal, American officials charged that Mi Joo posed a safety hazard because it allowed its drivers to work more than the 70-hours-a-week maximum set by federal law.

When the Mi Joo bus crashed on Interstate 84 in Pendleton, Ore., its driver had been driving for 92 hours that week, U.S. officials claimed.

A lawyer for Mi Joo told The Journal that black ice was the blame for the multi-fatality accident in Oregon.


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