Brooklyn Woman Crushed And Killed By Charter Bus


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A woman was mowed down by a private bus for the disabled in Brooklyn last Friday as her horrified husband looked on, according to the New York Post and New York Daily News.

Lorraine Ferguson, 47, was hit by, and her head crushed, during the accident at the intersection of East 105th Street and Avenue K in Canarsie, according to the Daily News. Lorraine’s husband Michael Ferguson had driven her to a city bus stop so she wouldn’t have to wait outside in the bitter cold for it.

When she saw her B103 Express bus to Midtown Manhattan coming, Lorraine started crossing the street to get on-board, the News and Post reported. But at that time, a small charter bus was making a turn and hit her, and she wound up crushed and dead beneath that bus.

Her husband claims that the charter bus ran a stop sign and hit his wife, the News reported. Ferguson was so diatraught that he broke down and collapsed at the scene.

The charter bus had two handicapped children as passengers, and neither one was hurt in the accident.



Bus Driver Gets 6 Years In Prison For Crash That Killed 4


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A tour bus driver was sentenced to six years in prison last week for involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of four passengers in an accident on Interstate 95 in Virginia, according to the Associated Press.

In Bowling Green, Va., Kin Yiu Cheung received the jail term for his November conviction stemming from the May 31, 2011, crash. Cheung was driving a low-fare Sky Express bus from Greensboro, N.C., to New York when it went off the road, struck an embankment and turned over not far from Richmond, AP reported.

It appeared that Cheung was tired and fell asleep while driving, according to testimony at the trial. Surviving passengers said that they feared for their lives because Cheung was veering from side to side and changing speed suddenly shortly before the accident, according to AP.

Cheung was drinking coffee and energy drinks, but still nodded off, leading to crash.

Tour Bus Operator Shut Down After Fatal Oregon Accident


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Authorities in the United States and Canada have barred a tour bus company from operating following an accident on an icy road in Oregon that left nine people dead and almost 40 others hurt, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Officials are blaming the Dec. 30 crash, where a bus went through a guardrail and fell down an embankment, on driver fatigue, a factor that’s been cited in several bus crashes in the past year, The Journal reported.

Last week both the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation issued orders that effectively shut down Mi Joo Tour and Travel of Canada. According to The Journal, American officials charged that Mi Joo posed a safety hazard because it allowed its drivers to work more than the 70-hours-a-week maximum set by federal law.

When the Mi Joo bus crashed on Interstate 84 in Pendleton, Ore., its driver had been driving for 92 hours that week, U.S. officials claimed.

A lawyer for Mi Joo told The Journal that black ice was the blame for the multi-fatality accident in Oregon.


School Bus, Commuter Bus Crash In New Jersey


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A commuter bus struck a mini school bus in the rear in central New Jersey Wednesday morning, seriously injuring several passengers, according to The Star-Ledger of Newark.

The accident happened at about 8 a.m. in Old Bridge on Route 9 and involved a 55-seat Academy bus bound for Manhattan and a 24-seat local school bus, The Ledger reported. When the large bus hit the minibus, the small vehicle turned over and hit a power supply station.  The Academy bus then continued moving until it hit a tree, according to The Ledger.

Some witnesses said that school bus had cut off the Academy bus, which had 35 people on it, near a local apartment complex. There were no children aboard the school bus.

Two people, including the driver, from the commuter bus were hospitalized after the accident. Roughly a dozen more people were treated and released, The Ledger reported.

The crash is under investigation, with authorities planning to look at a video from a camera that was in the Academy bus, according to The Ledger.

Crimson Tide Cheerleader Bus Involved In Crash With Pickup


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A charter bus that was transporting University of Alabama cheerleaders Tuesday following the BCS National Championship Tuesday was in a crash that also involved a pickup truck and a car, according to ESPN.

The accident took place Tuesday night in Montgomery, Ala., when the cheerleaders were coming home following the big game, EPSN said.

No one on the bus, which had 31 people on it, was hurt. But a passenger in the pick-up truck sustained serious, life-threatening injuries, according to ESPN. That victim, a student at the Alabama university, was in stable condition.

Oregon Tour-Bus-Crash Rescue Proved Difficult


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Rescuers had a difficult time getting to and helping the victims of a bus accident in Oregon that killed nine passengers and injured another three dozen Sunday morning, according to The New York Times.

Ten local ambulance corps responded to the accident site off icy Interstate 84 in Pendleton, where a tour bus crashed through a guardrail and fell down a ravine. EMTs had to carry victims on stretchers up from the bottom of the dangerous, slippery ravine, The Times reported.

And many of the passengers only spoke Korean, making communication difficult. Finally, some of the victims had been thrown from the bus, and their personal identification was difficult to locate, according to The Times.

The bus was on its way to its point of origin, Vancouver, from a trip to Las Vegas.