Bus Driver Goes On Trial For 15 Manslaughter Charges In Crash


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A prosecutor this week blamed a bus driver’s fatigue and sleep deprivation for an accident that killed 15 passengers on a tour bus that was returning from a Connecticut casino back to Manhattan’s Chinatown, according to The New York Times.


Ophadell Williams, 41, went on trial in the Bronx on charges of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide stemming from a March 12, 2011, crash. In that early-morning accident, Williams crashed the bus into a stanchion, ripping off its roof and killing passengers.

One passenger was decapitated, and one of the survivors lost both his arms when he raised them up to protect his head, according to The Times.

The prosecution alleges that although Williams had been educated about the dangers of driving while tired, instead of resting up for his night shifts he was driving around in a rental car, according to The Times.

In contrast, Williams’ defense attorney claimed that the tour bus was cut off by a tractor-trailer, causing the accident, The Times reported.

If convicted, Williams could be sentenced to 7 1/2 to 15 years in prison.

The National Transportation Safety Board this summer issued a report that cited driver fatigue and lack of oversight by World Wide Travel, the bus’s owner, for the accident.




Four Killed When Driver Crashes Into Las Vegas Bus Stop


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A Las Vegas man who was allegedly drunk plowed into a city bus stop Thursday, killing four people and injuring at least eight others, according to the Associated Press.


The driver, 24-year-old Gary Lee Hosey Jr., was charged with four counts of driving under the influence resulting in death, AP reported. He was in the hospital in serious condition.

Hosey lost control of his car at 6:30 a.m. and it rolled over. He hit one man and three women who were waiting at a bus stop,  according to AP. In addition, he hit and hurt three other people at the bus stop, as well as four passengers in his vehicle.

The fatalities were a man, 24, as well as women ages 47, 49 and 65. The accident took place two miles from the Las Vegas Strip.

Hosey reportedly suffered a collapsed lung¬† and may have broken his back, according to AP. The bus stop’s structure was totally destroyed, with its roof flying off and ending up 15 feet from where it originally was.

Texting Driver Crashes Into Bus In Los Angeles


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People are just not getting the message about texting and driving.

On Friday morning a motorist was texting in downtown Los Angeles when he ran a red light, hitting a Metro bus, according to the Los Angeles Times. The bus then went over a curb, struck a tree and knocked down a light post.


At least eight people were injured in the accident, which took place at 5 a.m., the Times reported.

The bus was traveling north on Broadway when the texting driver, moving east on 2nd Street, went through the light.

Nebraska School Bus-Semi Crash Kills Four People


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A school bus crashed into a semi-truck in Nebraska Wednesday, killing four people and injuring several children, according to the New York Daily News.


The accident near Blue Hill, Neb., left the driver of the bus and the truck dead, as well as killing two bus passengers, the News reported.

Four children from six to 10 were hurt in the crash, with several of them being treated at Mary Lanning Health Center in Hastings, Neb. And a girl was airlifted to Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha, the News reported.

The semi-truck was carrying a load of hay.