Tour Bus Wreck Leaves Two Dead In Northwest Arizona


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Two people died and others were hurt when a tour bus crashed in northwestern Arizona Sunday morning.

The accident, which only involved the bus, took place on Pierce Ferry Road near the town of Meadview, which is in Mohave County.  

The wreck is under investigation.

Ths bus, which was en route to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegs, had a driver and 11 passengers when it went off the road and then rolled over a couple of times, according to The Arizona Republic.

Passengers with the most serious injuries were airlifted to Sin City, while others sent to Kingman Regional Medical Center.Mwetn res y     

Bus’s Collision With Train In The Ukraine Kills 41 People


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Who knows what was going through the mind of the Ukrainan bus driver who — despite warning lights and signals and the screams of passengers — drove into the path of a train Tuesday, causing a crash that killed 41 people.

The collision of the commuter bus in the central Ukraine and the train also seriously hurt at least 10 additional people, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

During the accident the train pushed the bus almost 100 feet down the tracks, and when it stopped the bus’s body was wrapped around the front of the locomotive.

The bus driver, whose identity wasn’t revealed, was in his 50s and had 36 years of experience as a bus driver, according to The Times.

Survivors of the crash said that the driver stopped at the train crossing, left the driver’s seat, and when the train appeared he drove forward, despite the screams of his passengers, The Times reported.

There was no gate at the crossing where the accident took place.

An investigation has been launched into the crash, and the government said it would pay the families of the victims $12,600 for their losses.

Tour Bus Driver Dies In Washington, D.C., Crash


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A tour bus driver was killed last Wednesday when his vehicle, with 11 children and adult passengers, hit a metal guardrail and fell down an embankment on Interstate 270 in Washington, D.C., according to The Washington Post.

 The bus was on its way from a trip to Washington when it had its rush-hour accident, which killed driver Joseph Clabaugh Jr., 66, of Hanover, Pa. The bus rolled 45 feet down a hill, also injuring its passengers, but  only two seriously, according to The Post.

The bus crash also lead to a second accident that involved two cars, and one of the passengers in those cars was hospitalized.

The tour bus group, which was from Carlisle, Pa., had visited the National Zoo and the Smithsonian Museums and was on its way home.

 The tour bus was owned by Wolf’s Bus Lines of York Springs, Pa., which runs charter trips to Washington and to other sites in the Mid-Atlantic.