Federal Safety Agency Proposes That New Buses Have Seat Belts


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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing that new buses be equipped with seat belts, according to The Wall Street Journal.


The federal body is asking for public comment on the safety-belt proposal, and also wants feedback on whether seat belts should be installed on existing buses. 

The Journal cited NHTSA figures that said 36 people died in bus accidents in 2008, and that bus travel is one of  the safest methods of travel.

But data shows that lap-and-shoulder belts drop the risk of a being killed in a crash that involves a bus rolling over by 77 percent, according to The Journal.

The regulation that the NHTSA is proposing wouldn’t include transit buses that are used for local transportation. 

Safety Investigators Complete On-Site Probe Of Fatal Gray Summit Bus Crash


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The National Transportation Safety Board has completed its on-site probe into an Aug. 5 crash involving two buses and two trucks, killing two teenagers outside of St. Louis.


Eight investigators left Gray Summit last Friday to return to Washington. The group completed inspections of the buses, semi cab, and pick-up from the accident, and interviewed witnesses.

 The investigators also studied the layout of I-44 and warning signs leading up to a construction zone on I-44.

It could take as long as a year before the NTSB  releases its findings on the deadly accident that claimed the lives of a 15-year-old from St. James, Mo., and a 19-year-old from Sullivan, Mo.

Tour Bus Crash In Utah Kills Three Tourists, Injures Near Dozen Others


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Three Japanese tourists were killed and 11 others were injured when a tour bus on its way to Bryce Canyon National Park went off a highway in Utah Monday.


The tour bus had about 15 passengers and was driving north on I-15 when it drove off the road near Cedar City, Utah, hit a median and then rolled over shortly after 6 p.m. Authorities suspect that the bus driver, who had minor injuries, was distracted or sleepy, leading to the crash.


Two of Japanese tourists died after they were thrown out of the bus, and the third victim’s body was located inside the tour van. Two of the victims were adults, with the third one a child, according to the Deseret News.

Several other passengers were ejected from the tour bus, and they were taken to local hospitals with injuries ranging from minor to serious.

The bus was traveling from Las Vegas to Utah. 


Federal Safety Officials Mount Full Probe Of St. Louis School Bus Crash, Which Killed Two


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The National Transportation Safety Board has sent a crew of 15 people to Missouri to investigate the fatal crash Thursday that involved two full school buses, a pickup truck and a truck tractor, killing a high school band member and the son of a candidate running for the state Assembly.


During a brief press conference in Missouri, NTSB vice-chairman Christpher Hart said his agency was sending so many investigators to probe the crash on I-44 near Gray Summit because the pileup issues “that were of long-standing interest to the NTSB,” The St. Louis Post-Dispath reported.

Those issues include school bus safety, work-zone safety and the idea of installing crash-sensing devices on school buses and other vehicles.

Hart didn’t expect to have a full report on the crash any sooner than 14 months.

The horrific accident involved two school buses, one carrying girls and one carrying boys, that were on their way to Six Flags in St. Louis from their high school in St. James, Mo. The students were members of the Red Regiment Band.

The ensuing crash, at about 10:15 a.m., made national headlines, with gruesome photos of one school bus sitting on top of the large truck, a pickup crushed in between them, and the second bus in the back of the first one.

Dozens of victims were sent to the hospital, and two perished. They were the driver of the pickup truck, Daniel Schatz, 19, whose father, David Schatz,  is a GOP candidate for the Missouri Assembly,  for the 111th District, Frankin County. The youger Schatz had been a reserve quarteback for the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The other victim was Jessica Brinker, 15,who was a member of the John F. Hodge High School band. She was sitting in the last row of the first bus.

 The Post-Dispatch reported that Climate Express, which owned the truck, said that its driver had slowed down because of traffic caused by construction work on the interstate when he was hit from the rear by the pickup. The picup, in turn, was hit by the first bus, which was then hit by the second bus. 


School Bus, Truck Crash Kills Two, Injures 50 Outside St. Louis


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Two were killed and at least 50 others hurt Thursday when two school buses full of children collided with a tractor-trailer outside of St. Louis, according to the Associated Press.


The two buses were packed with eighth-grade St. James band students who were on their way to the Six Flags amusement part, which is about 10 miles from the scene of the accident.

The fatal crash took place near Gray Summit, Mo., which is roughly 30 miles from St. Louis.

Officials didn’t immediately say if the two victims were passsengers on the buses, or from the truck.

One of the buses wound up on top of the tractor-trailer because of the force of the crash, according to AP.

For more on our treatment of this wreck, go to http://graysummitbusaccident.com/