More Than 30 Dead As Bus Plunges Into Nepal River


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A crowded bus fell off a cliff in west Nepal and plunged into a river Thursday, killing more than 30 people.

The accident happened in a remote area, with the bus tumbling off a mountain road more than 600 feet into the Karnali River. The incident took place near the village of Pipalkot, which is 250 miles west of Katmandu.〈=eng_news

Responders, 100 police and soldiers, had recovered 33 bodies, and were still searching. Ten bus passengers who were injured we sent to local hospitals for treatment.

The dead included eight women, a baby and 21 men.

There are frequent accidents in Nepal because of the overcrowding of buses; bad road conditions; and poorly maintained roads and vehicles.

San Antonio Bus Accident Kills Two, Injures Dozens


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Two people were killed and several dozens injured Tuesday in an accident on Interstate 37 about 55 miles of San Antonio, Texas.

The victims of the crash were Christina Campos, 62, of Lewisville and Efrain Cominquez-Valenzuela, 27, of Brownsville. About 40 other passengers were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

The bus had left San Antonio and was traveling toward the United States-Mexico border, to Matamoros, when passengers heard a noise, which was then followed by the bus falling on its side in a grassy area.

Passengers had to escape by crawling out of windows and the emergency exit. Police are investigating the cause of the accident, but they suspect equipment failure.

As always, we are concerned about the potential for brain injury in the survivors. Buses don’t have the safety equipment that would prevent brain injury and from the sounds of this crash, passengers may have been thrown around inside the bus during the accident. Anyone hurt should make sure they return to the Emergency Room the next day if they have any problems with amnesia, confusion, dizziness, headache, or any other concussion related symptoms.

School Bus Driver Charged With Homicide By Vehicle


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In a case we reported on before, a school bus driver in Maryland Monday was charged with homicide by vehicle for causing a crash that killed a man and hurt five students. It marks the second time the driver has been charged in a fatal crash.,0,5592567.story

During a press conference Monday, authorities in Montgomery County, Md., said they had viewed from the bus that showed that Frederick Poust, 38, of Schwenksville was negligent in his driving, driving recklessly and causing the fatal accident. The video also showed that Poust had run through several stop signs.

Poust was behind the wheel of a Perkiomen Valley School District bus Feb. 18 when he tried to make a turn onto Perkiomen Valley Middle School West and hit a vehicle driving in the opposite direction.

A passenger in that car, Richard Taylor, 27, of Gilbertsville was killed, while the driver, 41-year-old Freddie Carroll of Perkiomnville sustained serious injuries. Five of the 45 children on the bus had minor injuries.

This isn’t Poust’s first involvement in a fatal car crash. In 1999 was calling his girlfriend on his cellphone when he ran a stop sign and hit a car, killing the toddler Morgan Lee Pena. Her parents become vocal proponents of bans on drivers using cellphones, and they even appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to argue their case.

Federal Judge Shutters Bus Operator After Arizona Crash Kills Six


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Federal authorities need to do a better job of regulating and screening bus operators, as evidenced by a recent bus crash in Arizona that killed six people and hurt 17 others. The bus’s owner had a long history of safety problems, and didn’t even have federal approval to transport passengers over state lines.

Officials didn’t waste much time getting the bus operator closed down shortly after the Arizona crash. In response to an emergency request, a federal judge this weekend ordered a bus company to cease interstate operations after one of its buses crashed Friday near Phoenix, killing six people and injuring 17 others.,0,7734207.story

In Los Angeles U.S. District Court Judge George King issued the order Saturday against the bus company, Tierra Santa Inc. of Van Nuys, Calif., and its owner, Cayetano Martinez.

The fatal bus crash is under investigation, but authorities wanted Tierra Santa shut down immediately. Martinez was operating his bus company illegally, and didn’t have federal authority for his vehicles to cross state lines.

“It is absolutely essential that unsafe carriers like this one be taken off the road,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in prepared statement Sunday. “Safety is our No. 1 priority at the Department of Transportation and we will not rest until this accident has been fully investigated.”

As The Los Angeles Times succinctly put it, Tierra Santa “had skirted government regulations, amassed a poor safety record and was operating off the books.”

The bus has been traveling from central Mexico to California when it rear-ended a pickup truck on Interstate 10 some 30 miles south of Phoenix and rolled off the road. The six people who perished still haven’t all been identified.

Six Killed in Arizona Bus Crash


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Six people died and at least another 15 were injured in a bus crash Friday south of Phoenix on Interstate 10.

The charter bus struck another vehicle and rolled over on the highway, ejecting several passengers. Four women and two men were killed in the accident.

The eight of the injured were treated at Maricopa Medical Center for injuries such as bleeding of the brain, broken spines, broken legs, broken ribs and broken pelvises.

The bus had left from Zacatecas, Mexico, stopped at El Paso, Texas, and was in transit to Los Angeles.

The Arizona Republic reported that the bus, owned by Tierra Santa Tours, had $5 million in insurance policies that were cancelled in July and November.

Bus’s Dive Into Reservoir Kills 19 Passengers in China


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Nineteen people died in China when their bus landed in a reservoir in the central Henan province.

The bus reportedly went off a slippery road on Sunday and fell into a reservoir in Zhengzhou, the capital of the Henan province. In addition to the 19 dead, seven were injured.

China has a lot of road accidents, due to overloaded vehicle, unsafe roads and bad drivers.

Connecticut Weighs Seat-Belt Law For School Buses


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Legislators in Connecticut are deciding whether to make seat belts mandatory on public school buses in the state, according to the Hartford Courant.,0,1841006.story

The call for the law was prompted by that Jan. 9 death of a Rocky Hill youth, Vikas Parikh, 16, who died in a school buss accident on I-84. His demise was the spark that led Rep. Antonio Guerrera (D-Rocky), who is co-chairman of the legislature’s transportation committee, to introduce the seat-law bill.

That bill mandates that school buses have lap-and-shoulder belts, but not lap belts. Connecticut lawmakers have tried to past similar legislation 23 times before, with no success, according to the Courant.

Those who are against the bus-seat law argue that it’s unnecessary, because bus seats have enough padding to protect students. Installing the belts is also pricey, critics argue.

Some towns in the Nutmeg state have had seat belts in their school buses for some time, including Danbury, Cromwell, Wilton and Reading.

Two Women In Bus Crash Win $7.5 Million From NYC Transit


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Sometimes, it is actually best to just settle, as New York City Transit found out last week. That’s when a jury awarded two Brooklyn women who were hurt in a bus accident $7.5 million in damages from the transit authority, according to the New York Daily News.

The transit authority plans to appeal the verdict that was rendered in favor of Brenda Whaley and Amanda Wade, who were awarded $7.25 million and $250,000, respectively.

The two women were driving in a car in Brooklyn in 2005 when a city transit bus ran a red light and struck their vehicle. The financially ailing transit authority had a chance to settle the case for $3 million, but decided not to.

The two victims then filed suit, and won the multi-million dollar award.