Wisconsin School Bus Accident Injures Two Students, Parent


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Two students and a parent were hurt Wednesday when a Pulaski school bus backed into a car in Green Valley, Wis.


The school bus driver, a veteran driver for more than 30 years, was pulled off the job pending an investigation by the Wisconsin State Patrol.

The bus was backing out of a driveway when it hit a car on Hintz Road. That car’s passengers were a mother and her children, two students from Fairview Elementary School. The mother and one of the children were hurt, as one of the students on the bus. That bus passenger was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Two Dead In Florida Tourist Bus Accident


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Two people were killed, and dozens were injured, in a crash Monday involving a tourist bus in Florida.

The bus, which was transporting a group of elder hostel visitors, was struck by a car that turned in front of it north of Lake Placid. The tourists were part of a South Florida Community College program.

In the crash on U.S. 27 passengers were thrown from the bus and were thrown around the inside of the vehicle. As we said in our last blog:

Bus accidents are a perfect storm for brain injury because none of the safety devices which have made cars safer are typically found on buses. Buses usually have no seatbelts (even if they do they are almost only lap belts) and no airbags. Further, buses are exempt from other safety mandates which apply to cars.

For more on the process of brain injury and the necessary interventions to properly avoid a worse result, see http://subtlebraininjury.com

Dixie State Baseball Teams Gets Minor Injuries in Crash


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In a classic irony, we are concerned today that student athletes injured in a bus crash get the same brain injury triage they would likely get now if injured on a ball diamond. Five Dixie State College students sustained minor injuries Sunday when their bus hit a snow-plowing truck in Colorado City, Ariz.


The school’s Red Storm baseball team was on the bus on Arizona state highway 389 at about 5:15 a.m. when the crash took place.

The bus had been following the snow plow, but that truck stopped unexpectedly when it tried to avoid hitting a car that has spun out of control off the road. The right side of the bus hit the back of the truck.

The five team members were taken to Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George and released.

Bus accidents are a perfect storm for brain injury because none of the safety devices which have made cars safer are typically found on buses. Buses usually have no seatbelts (even if they do they are almost only lap belts) and no airbags. Further, buses are exempt from other safety mandates which apply to cars. It is the period in the 72 hours after the wreck that athletes would be getting seen if there was a sport concussion, that they must be evaluated now to rule out brain injury. We hope someone on the athletic staff at Dixie State makes that connection.

Bus Driver Who Sparked Cellphone-Ban Debate Is Involved In Second Fatal AccidentBus Driver Who Sparked Cellphone-Ban Debate Is Involved In Second Fata


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Some people never learn from their mistakes, and the innocent suffer. The bus driver who sparked a national debate on motorists using cellphones after a 1999 accident which killed a 2-year-old girl has been involved in another fatal crash.

On Wednesday Frederick Poust III, 38, of Schwenksville, Pa., was driving a school bus in Montgomery County about 30 miles from Philadelphia when he hit a Honda Civic. Poust allegedly turned in front of the Civic, killing passenger Richard Taylor, 27, of Gilbertsville, Pa., and hospitalizing its driver, Freddy Carroll, 41, of Perkiomenville, Pa.

Five students on the bus suffered minor injuries. Police are still investigating Wednesday’s crash, and that probe will determine if criminal charges are filed against Poust.

Poust was thrust into the national media spotlight in 1999 when he ran a stop sign, while calling his girlfriend on his cellphone, and hit another vehicle in Hilltown Township, Pa. The young girl Morgan Lee Pena was killed in the accident.

Morgan’s family became advocates for laws barring the use of cellphones while driving, sparking a debate over the issue. The family was even on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to lobby for their cause.

The family also sued Poust and his employer, Delaware Valley College, and a confidential settlement was reached. The Pena family reportedly received more than $200,000.

Poust’s current employer is Student Transportation of America, based in Wall Township, N.J. The company said it knew he had an accident in 1999, but that criminal and vehicle records had not provided any details on the incident.

Back in 1999 Poust was also sued by a man whose car he hit in the rear, totaling it. That case was settled.

The claim against the bus company is called “negligent entrustment.” Before you hire someone and allow them to drive a vehicle controlled by you, you have a duty to learn the kind of things a google search would have learned about Poust. That you would not do even that minimum when the safety of children is a stake, is outrageous.

More than 20 Wedding Guests Killed In Bus Accident in India


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More than 20 people on their way to a wedding were killed Wednesday when their bus fell into a river in India.


The accident took place in India’s northern Uttar Pradesh state, and killed an estimated 21 or 22 people, according to several press reports. Another 30 people from the bus were hurt during the incident n the village of Maharajpura.

The bus fell into the Pujab River after using a makeshift bridge to cross the river because the regular bridge was having construction done. http://edition.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/02/17/india.bus/

Authorities were hunting for the bus’s driver, who fled from the scene of the accident.

This story is so reminiscent of the bus crash that opens the movie Dragonfly, with Kevin Costner. Such a horrible feeling to be in an out of control vehicle, falling off a cliff. Buses of course are far more dangerous in such a crash because the air bags and seat belts that protect against many serious injuries in automobiles don’t exist in buses. We pray that those who were hurt don’t get worse from brain injuries or other injuries that get lost in the shuffle of all of that tragedy.

Two Men Killed in Head-On Crash With Country Singer Trace Adkins’ Tour Bus


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Two Arkansas men were killed Saturday morning when their pickup truck crashed head-on with one of country music star Trace Adkins’ tour buses. http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/kuar/news.newsmain/article/1/0/1612064/Arkansas.Headlines/Two.Arkansas.men.die.in.crash.with.Trace.Adkins’.tour.bus

The fatal accident took place in Caddo Parish in Louisiana north of Shreveport, and Adkins was not aboard the bus. Justin Maxey, 21, of Fouke, Ark., and Jeffrey Ferguson Jr., 36, of Texarkana, Ark., died when they hit the bus after crossing the center line of U.S. 71.

Adkins, who has competed on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” was doing a show at the CenturyTel Center in Boosier City, La., and was at the venue when he was told about the fatal accident, according to a statement posted on his Web site Saturday.


Adkins went to the accident scene. The statement said that five members of Adkins’ band were taken to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries and observation.

“This is a real tragedy,” Adkins said in a statement. “Two people have been killed and I don’t even know their names. So out of respect for their families, I prefer not to comment too much at this time.”

Adkins, who is from Sarepta, La., planned to do a scaled down acoustic set Saturday night at the show with Martina McBride at the CenturyTel Center.

He cancelled a performance Sunday night in Pensecola, Fla., but McBride and Sarah Buxton went on as scheduled.

Truck’s Head-On Collision With Minibus Kills 12 in the Philippines


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Twelve people where killed in the northern Philippines when a truck’s tire blew and the vehicle crashed into a minibus, according to the Associated Press.

A tractor trailer was speeding in Cagayan Valley when its tire blew and the driver lost control. He veered into another lane and hit the minibus, which was carrying some students to school, head-on.

The crashed killed 12 people and injured another 15. The driver of the minibus was among those who died, but the truck driver survived.

One Woman Killed, One Sustains Head Injuries, In San Francisco Accidents


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An accident involving a San Francisco Water Department truck killed one woman, and a Muni bus injured another woman Tuesday afternoon, according to The San Francisco Chronicle. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/02/10/BAQB1BV4IQ.DTL&type;=printable

Xiu Fang Huang, 63, was struck by the water department truck while she was crossing Ocean Avenue near Miramar in the Ingleside area. The city truck hit here and then two of its wheels rolled over her body, dragging and crushing it.

In the second accident, a Muni bus hit and seriously injury a woman who was walking across San Bruno Avenue, near Burrows Street. There is a crosswalk there, but no stop signs or stop lights.

The unnamed woman, believed to be in her 70s, was thrown into the air, and came down 15 feet away from the crosswalk. She sustained head injuries, and was brought to a hospital for treatment.

Bus Overturns And Injures 19 Soldiers in Florida


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Nineteen soldiers were injured when a National Guard bus overturned in Florida Tuesday, the First Coast News reported. http://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/mostpopular/news-article.aspx?storyid=151488&provider;=top

The accident took place in Clay County on state Road 21 not far from Gold Head Branch State Park, north of Keystone Heights.

The passengers on the bus were 30 soldiers from the 690th Military Police Company of Crystal River, Fla. The unit, which is based near Tampa, was moving in a convoy of four buses not far from Camp Blanding. One of the buses slowed down, and the bus behind it swerved and then overturned, injuring the armed military inside of it.

The soldiers who needed treatment were taken to Shands Gainesville, Shands Medical Clinic in Stark and Orange Park Medical Center.

The rest of the soldiers were required to go to Camp Blanding for counseling, which is mandatory when a Florida National Guard solider is involved in an accident or a traumatic event.

South Carolina Weighs Texting Ban for School Bus Drivers


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South Carolina is considering a bill that bans school bus drivers from texting while they’re behind the wheel. http://news.sc/2010/02/03/texting-ban-planned-for-south-carolina-school-bus-drivers/

The question must be asked: how could such a measure fail to pass? If there is any place that texting would violate all concepts of safety and public policy, it would have to be while driving school children in a bus.

Under the proposed legislation, school bus drivers would face up to a $100 fine if they were caught violating the texting prohibition.

If it passes the ban, South Carolina would be an addition to the 19 states and Washington, D.C., who have already barred texting while driving.

There has been considerable research on whether texting bans really lead to less accidents. A recent study by the Highway Loss Data Institute found the restrictions have no impact, while research by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute said that texting drivers are 23 times more at risk to have an accident or almost have an accident than those who are not distracted. Add a touch screen phone like the Iphone to that equation and the risk of a catastrophe has to grow exponentially.